We offer a wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages in the Brussels region.
Come discover our menu and enjoy a pleasant moment with friends while sipping one of our many drinks.
We have about 20 kinds of Jack Daniel’s


Beer & soft

We have a wide range of drinks, from simple soft drinks to beer and more alcoholic beverages.
Come and discover Goose Island beer with its sweet, bold and hoppy flavour.



No, there are not one whiskeys, but many American whiskeys: bourbon, rye, wheat whiskey, and even single malt. The Tennessee Brussels ‘bar wants you to know all these specialities. It’s for that we propose a large choice of fine American whiskey. With that we also have the finest bartender specialized on whiskey to advise you in best possible way


Wine & champagne

Our wine list is rich and varied. You will find white wines as well as rosé and red wines.

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